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Intrinsically Safe Scales

Intrinsically Safe Scales
Intrinsically Safe (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy, electrical and thermal, available for ignition. Intrinsically Safe scale indicators are available which comply with FM (US, Canada), ATEX (EU), and CE (EU) agencies. Also, a wide range of industrial and precision scales are available under the Intrinsically Safe classification.
Crane Scales
Industrial Crane Scales help with heavy- duty weighing applications in a wide range of industries and facilitate the weighing of large or awkward loads. Invest in a Crane Scale whenever an application requires overhead weighing in nominal capacities of 5,000 lbs. or more.
Axle Scales
Axle scales are an economical, adaptable and portable solution for vehicle and truck weighing.  
In-Motion Weighing Scales
An In-Motion Scale weighs products while being moved through a conveyor system. They can be used for rejecting. Over and Underweight products. In-Motion Scales today, have the capability to send the weights to a computer for data analysis and statistics. 
Truck Scales
A Truck Scale is a large set of scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation that is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated. Truck Scales are used in industries that manufacture or move bulk items, such as in mines or quarries, garbage dumps / recycling centers, bulk liquid and powder movement, household goods, and electrical equipment. Since the weight of the vehicle carrying the goods is known, Truck Scales are a quick and easy way to measure the flow of bulk goods in and out of different locations.
Process Controllers
Process Controllers are advanced level scale indicators. When the customer’s applications need custom programming, batching, or high levels of data collection, then a Process Controller is required.

Newest to the market, is the Rice Lake Model 1280 Enterprise Series Weight HMI Programmable Controller. Features include: Graphical Color Display, built in Web Server, 8 digital I/O’s, 100 set points, 22 soft keys, RS232, RS485, Wi-Fi, Ethernet TCP/IP, and Bluetooth. Contact Strack Scale or more information. 
Printers and Scanners
Printers and Scanners are peripheral devices that can be added to a scale to meet the needs of the customer. Custom scale applications requiring the input of part numbers for inventory control is the ideal use for a Scanner. Once the process has been completed, a wide variety of Printers can be used to provide printed representations of data needed from the process. Types of Printers used in scale processes today include; Dot Matrix, Tape, Ticket, Direct Thermal, and Transfer Thermal, or used in Truck Scale Kiosks. 
Test Weights
Test Weights are used to keep your scales verified between periodic services or calibrations. Use Test Weights to spot check for problems or inaccuracies. Strack Scale Service offers a full line of Test Weights that are certified accurate and ISO compliant. Strack Scale Service can also provide certification of your existing Test Weights on specified recall cycles.
Dimensional Scales
Dimensional scales are used to automatically capture dimensions of boxes, bags, packages, and even irregular or non-cuboidal shapes. This process is particularly important for carrier compliance and legal for trade applications. Many UPS and FedEx services as well as most international carriers require dimensional weight calculations on certain types of shipments. Parcels that measure over limitations set by carriers cost more to ship due to dimensional weight factors.

CubiScan's advanced Dimensioning and Weighing systems are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, distribution, and freight manifesting operations. Our patented Dimensioning Systems will provide accurate and reliable product dimensions and weight for all of the items in your warehouse or shipping application.
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