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Hydrostatic Scales

Hydrostatic Scales
A Hydrostatic Load Cell is a closed loop system with no pumps or reservoirs as is often association with other hydraulic devices. These types of load cells are non-electronic, electrically inert and are risk-free of damage by many of the elements that cause electronic load cell failures. With Hydrostatic Load Cells, all vulnerable components, cables and summing devices are located away from the scale in a protected environment. This utilization makes for a scale that performs and weighs accurately, day after day. The Hydrostatic Load Cell has complete immunity from water, lightning, barometric pressure changes, RFI/EMI interference. Also, because the Hydrostatic Load Cell is nonelectric, it can be used with 100% safety in explosive environments. Further, Hydrostatic Load Cells can be manufactured from mild steel or exotic metals, such as, titanium and thus utilized in the severest of corrosive environments. Emery Winslow Scale Company is a leader in Hydrostatic Load Cell technology. 
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